Supermicro C7Z170-OCE


Experience Raw Performance taken to the Extreme with the built-in predefined One-Touch overclocking settings. Protected by IO Armor, the C7Z170-OCE does all the overclocking work and helps you to safely find the very outer limits in Desktop Computing. Fueling all performance to the latest generation of USB 3.1, M.2 (x4), and Dual Gbit LAN technology, your machine turns into a Performance Hungry Beast made for Extreme Gamers, Hardware Enthusiasts and Pro Users.

Getting the most from your computer requires you to tune your engines to the max without sacrificing system stability. With the predefined overclocking settings, featuring on the SuperO Pro Gaming C7Z170-OCE, you can now safely pump up the clock speeds to your needs. Just push the button, sit back and experience the Power of the PROs! 

The Roaring Performance of SuperO's Pro Gaming motherboard craves for top graphics, DDR4 memory and storage solutions to fuel the needs of the most demanding gamer, enthusiast and over clocker. Equipped with three PCI-e x16 slots, you can install up to a set of three GPU cards. With its predefined one-touch overclocking buttons you can be sure of squeezing out every drop of performance from your quality components. Any game or application runs flawlessly on the monitor of your choice, giving you an ultimate PC experience.

The onboard Realtek ALC1150 HD audio chip lets you experience the game like it's meant to be. It supports 7.1 channel audio providing a crystal clear sound with 'Next-to-No' Jitter. By isolating the audio PCB segment with a red LED strip, noise and interference are brought down to a minimum. Combining server-grade Japanese capacitors that feature Ultra Low ESR and an outstanding Ripple rejection, the C7Z170 series deliver a crisp sound experience syncing with smooth gameplay; guaranteed to fuel your senses.

An Industry leading PCB design deserves the same class of connectivity. With 15&#956 gold plated PCI-e, CPU and DIMM connectors, the C7Z170-OCE Pro Gaming series rise above the masses with less interference, 100% strong signal, and Ultra stable performance. With 7.5x thicker gold plating, there is no match for Super OC7Z170 series motherboards.
Including the latest innovation in storage technology, the M.2 connector supports performance up to 32Gbit/s. Running on PCI-e 3.0 x4 lanes, you can now experience the latest gen OS, demanding applications and powerful games 5 times faster than the previous generation with an ultimate smooth gameplay

SuperO carefully selects industry-leading components. The ultra-high quality NPCAP capacitors made by Nippon perform in their own league featuring Super Low ESR, support an extended lifecycle and establish the highest possible ripple rejection. The server-grade components elevate the C7Z170-OCE to one of the most reliable motherboards in the industry.

The C7Z170 design enjoys the matte-finish black PCB and a shiny red LED strip that isolates the audio section. And as you might expect from a gaming product, it comes boxed in a stylish unconventional retail package wrapped in a high quality metal-like finish cover. Quality products should also look good, unique and exclusive and that's just what the Super OC7Z170 series bring!
To ensure putting your mind at rest, every Super O motherboard has been tested under extreme circumstances withstanding stress loads used for mission critical server solutions, including memory, thermal, clock and voltage variation tests.
Only mind-blowing quality is good enough for the Super OC7Z170-OCE and you can expect no less. A performance hungry beast ready for anything at a fair price.


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