Edimax EW-7428HCn (Hot)


1 600mW high power output for superior wireless performance*
2 Supports IEEE 802.3af PoE (Power over Ethernet) and alternative external power adapter
3 iQ Setup for automatic and smart setup
4 Multiple operation modes including AP, WDS Point to Point, WDS Point to multiple points, and repeater
5 Up to 5 SSIDs, making it possible to divide clients into different wireless groups with different wireless security settings
6 Scheduling to turn LED and wireless on and off, to reduce power consumption
7 Suitable for home, SOHO, and SMB environments
8 Enhanced wireless coverage up to 10,000 square meters

Product Description

300Mbps Max. Wi-Fi Speed
This Edimax wireless access point is a high-speed solution that complies with IEEE 802.11b/g/n standards. The latest wireless MIMO (multiple-input and multiple outputs) technologies are built into this access point to broaden its Wi-Fi coverage and to eliminate dead spots within the signal range. When it is connected to IEEE 802.11n wireless devices, this Edimax wireless access point can reach Wi-Fi speeds of up to 300Mbps.


600mW High Power Output
The EW-7428HCn’s massive power output provides a colossal Wi-Fi range of up to 10,000 square meters* – ideal for vast environments such as airports, hotels, schools or warehouses. (*Power is limited up to 20dBm in Europe due to CE regulations.)
WDS Bridge Mode (Repeater Mode)
The WDS (Wireless Distributed System) function let this access point acts as a wireless LAN access point and repeater at the same time. Users can use this feature to build up a large wireless network in a large space like airports, hotels and schools. This feature is also useful when users want to bridge networks between buildings when it is impossible to deploy network cable connections between these buildings.
Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) Button
The Edimax EW-7428HCn features a convenient WPS button. Users can set up an encrypted wireless connection simply by pressing the WPS button on this access point and the client device. This one-press WPS button helps users set up a secure wireless network in less than a minute.
Optional Power Supply
The Edimax EW-7428HCn integrates a PoE PD module, and also provides a power jack for a regular power adapter. Users can connect the access point to either a PoE Switch or a power adapter for the power supply.
Designed with the Latest Green WLAN Technology
With the latest green WLAN technology, the EW-7428HCn is able to dynamically adjust its power supply according to the amount of network activity. By supplying only the amount of power needed, this router allows for high networking performance while maintaining minimum power consumption.
User Group Management
Up to 5 SSIDs, making it possible to divide clients into different wireless user groups with different wireless security settings.
iQ Setup: No CD Required
iQ Setup is an intelligent feature that ensures a quick and headache-free setup process. You can choose the operation mode according to your needs and complete setup in just a few minutes. User can easily complete the installation without the software CD. This is useful when users are using ultra-compact laptops without the CD/DVD drives.
  • Connect the access point to the root router with iQ Setup
  • Get high quality Wi-Fi throughout your home/office
  • Designed to be conveniently ceiling mounted
    The ceiling mounted access point can be mounted on office ceilings and easily blends in home and business environments.
    Home Application
    Edimax home application
    Business Application
    Edimax Business Application

    *Maximum performance, actual data rates, and coverage will vary depending on network conditions and environmental factors.
    *Actual viewing resolution and frame rate of network cameras depend on connection speed.
    *Product specifications and design are subject to change without notice.


    Product: N300 High Power Ceiling Mount
    Wireless Range Extender/Access Point
    Hardware: 1 x 10/100Mbps LAN port

     1 x WPS button

    1 x Power jack

    2 x Internal antenna

    Standards: IEEE 802.11b
    IEEE 802.11g
    IEEE 802.11n
    IEEE 802.3af
    Frequency Bands: 2.40 – 2.4835GHz (subject to local regulations)
    Date Rates: 11b: 1/2/5.5/11Mbps

    11g: 6/9/12/24/36/48/54Mbps

    11n (20MHz): MCS0-7, up to 144Mbps

    11n (40MHz): MCS0-7, up to 300Mbps

    Output Power:
     11b@11Mbps: 26+/-1.5dBm
     11g@54Mbps: 24+/-1.5dBm
     11n (20MHz)@MCS15: 23+/-1.5dBm
     11n (40MHz)@MCS15: 23+/-1.5dBm
    (power is limited to 20dBm in Europe due to CE regulations)
    Security:  WEP encryption 64/128 bit
     WPA pre-shared key (WPA-TKIP, WPA2-AES, WPA/WPA2 mixed)
     WPA radius
     802.1x authentication
     Hidden SSID
     Multiple SSIDs, up to 5 sets with wireless group and security
     AP isolation
     MAC address filtering
    Scheduling: LED on/off
    Wireless radio on/off
    Self reboot
    QoS: WMM
    Configuration: Brwoser-based configuration interface
    Power: 5V DC, 2A
    Dimensions: 46 (H) x 105 (W) x 105 (L) mm
    Certification: FCC, CE

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