WIFI – Routers

The current business scenario needs reliable and secured specialised instruments to cooperate with workers, clients and strategic business accomplices. The convergence of voice, video and information over the internet protocol gives better approaches to organizations to interface, convey and work as a team. By enhancing correspondence productivity and pace, organizations turn out to be more focused and less presented to peril.

Through our vital cooperation with strategic business accomplices, we give global standard solutions that reflect on worldwide principles of value and procedures.We convey, oversee and streamline innovation to offer customers some assistance with gaining more from their investments with some of our key deliverables like-giving secured, unobstructed connectivity between the customers and the employees.

It’s surely understandable that interior system of networksis highly vulnerable when connected to an open system of network. Network & IT security arrangements is an imperative and fundamental piece of our solution and we shield systems from every single conceivable attack and therefore provide an absolute advantage to our clients as far as ensuring basic business assets, distinguish and react to advancing intimidation, applying the best practices of industry rules and regulations and utilizing the best business strategies.

It’s an attempt to envision beyond the traditional information system of administration and moving uptowards innovations like network and wireless optimizing solutions and converged communication system.

Network & security services-

  • Oversee, manage and unmanaged organized cabling solutions
  • Communication solutions for data
  • Communication and audio infrastructure solutions
  • Video conferencing Solutions
  • VOIP, MVS solutions
  • Converged communication solutions
  • Upgraded network security solutions
  • Data centre system solutions
  • Active networkadministration arrangements including routing, switching, wired and wireless network solutions.
  • Auditing of network which include Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Tests (VAPT)

Strategic alliances for network and security solutions-

  • HP Network
  • D-Link
  • Nextra
  • Net gear
  • Leviton
  • Zte