Our Leadership

Mr. Jagdish Prasad Modi

Mr. Jagdish Prasad Modi is a veteran IT industry leader known for his exceptional leadership skills and industry knowledge. With years of experience, he has guided organizations to success, driving innovation and growth.

Mr. Atul Modi

Mr. Atul Modi, a director, showcases exceptional leadership in marketing and sales operations. His forward-thinking approach and strategic vision have propelled organizations to achieve remarkable success. With his dynamic leadership style, he spearheads innovative marketing strategies and fosters strong sales teams.

Mr. Anuj Modi

Mr. Anuj Modi is an exceptional marketing leader specializing in B2B deals and operations. As a CEO, his strategic vision and hands-on approach have propelled organizations to new heights of success. His ability to drive business growth and forge strong partnerships make him a trusted figure in the industry.

“We at MIPL work with world renowned organizations to provide robust & efficient products with customized solutions. IT is our commitment to make our partner succeed with technology.” – Mr Anuj Modi (CEO)